Kits & Accessories

If you are a worker who wants to get different kind of tools, equipment and items for the successful application of rubber roofs and other rubber items then the tools kits offered by us will be ideal for you. Our supplied tool kits& accessories are aimed to provide you with the required items which will let you perform your tasks more effectively. The tool kits can include the glues, tape, measures and other tools which are needed while working on the rubber items.

You can choose different kind of kits & accessories from us which are aimed to provide you with the necessary tools where the most common ones include the epdm rubber roof kits which can include the required cutters, glues and even corner smoothers which are needed to make the edge trims more straight. The balcony accessories include the walkway pads, rubber tiles and underlay fleece which can be used by the workers while working on the balconies of buildings. Insulation and accessories include the required equipment to make the roofs completely insulate from external weather changes.

The power tools for sale are also offered which can be bought by you to perform the workers desired kind of task in an easy way. The power tools can include the cutters and heat guns to quickly dry the applied glue. You can also choose the penny rollerwhich lets you press the edges and make the rubber items stick to the roof in a better way.